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  • kxh

    Zoom! Enhance!

  • sashinator

    The researchers clarified that the new AI tool doesn't have the capability to make an out-of-focus, unrecognizable image from a security camera into a high-resolution photo of a real person. But, it can generate new faces, which doesn't really exist, that is plausibly realistic


    The report stated that although the AI tool's concept is focused by the scientists in faces, it can also be applied in medicine and microscopy, also in satellite and astronomy imagery to take low-resolution shots of almost anything and transforming into realistic-looking, sharp pictures


    Wait... what? How would it ... wut?

    • Maternitus

      So it sort of makes up things and brings it as reality, although we know it's not, but still believe it is. Well, count me out.

      • sashinator

        Maybe they are not explaining it well enough in that post

        it sounds highly dubious the way they wrote it up

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