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Published 4 years ago by TNY with 1 Comments

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  • Gozzin (edited 4 years ago)

    Because our own country is too damn skin flinty to provide people with proper food, as are the bikers..It's just empty calories (rice) and processed glop (textured beans)...So embarrassing... But these for profit facilities need to have plenty of warm bodies to fill their cells,so there you go. I never thought shit like this would happen in this country...

    rice, vegetables and textured vegetable protein

    Basically the cheapest "food" they can find. The "vegetables" will most likely be a couple slices of carrot,a bite of celery,potato chunks,cheap corn, and maybe a teaspoon of onion...I feel sorry for people with GI disorders having to eat that,not to mention those with soy allergies..Add to that,the soy will be full of Round Up and bla,bla,bla!

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