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How to Develop a Winning Content Promotion Plan

Almost every company these days creates content to properly communicate its message to its target audience. They also prepare a content marketing plan so that the content reaches the right audience. Often content promotion is considered a phase that comes once the content gets published.

  • In reality, content promotion should begin much before the content is published. Promotion of content needs to go simultaneously with the creation of content. As soon as the topic of the content and keywords are decided, promotion techniques need to be decided as well to become visible to the right type of audience. Keep reading to get a 7-step content promotion Plan which you can customise as per requirements.

  • 7 Steps to Follow to Make Effective Content Promotion Plan

    Whether you are just getting started with content marketing or have been doing it for a while, it never hurts to take a look at content promotion strategies. This will help in analysing them and make them as engaging as possible.

    You can add any number of innovations while updating it. Here are 7 steps that need to be taken one after another for successful content promotion:

    Step 1: Analysing Your Audience Type

    Relevance is the key to getting time and attention from the audience. However, to become relevant it is important to understand whom you should cater to. You need to start this by understanding who your audience is. Once you get an idea about your target audience you can guess what type of content they prefer, channels they use online, how they carry forward their research and topics they would like some content on.

    Step 2: Determine Your Goal

    Before preparing a content promotion plan it is important to understand what you want to achieve with it. Do you wish to drive brand awareness or generate leads? Your content promotion plan will completely depend on it.

    Step 3: Create a List

    This is the step when you need to create a list of all the ways you can reach your target audience. To get an idea regarding how many platforms might be enough to promote the content adequately you need to analyse promotion goals. Find out which platforms your target audience mostly use. Analyse your previous outreach campaigns to get an idea. After this, you will have to prepare all your creatives, including blogs, social media posts, graphics images, etc. If you lack the required skill sets or expert professional, you can hire content writing services from an agency.

    Step 4: Schedule All your Promotions

    Just a week before your content launch you need to start with your preliminary outreach. You can start by offering a preview of your content in front of relevant people who can suggest ways to improve your content further. Apart from that you also need to generate a sense of investment so that influencers might share the content when it is live. For this, you can reach out directly to some influencers belonging to your niche. Or you can post on your social media regarding the launch of your content and ask anyone who is interested to review it. This will help a lot with the feedback process.

    Step 5: Reach Your Audience

    Once the content launches you will need to start reaching the influencers. You can reach them by drafting impactful business emails beforehand so that there are no chances of delay. Next in the funnel is the existing audience. You need to send emails to your opt-in mailing list, spreading the word to those who are explicitly wanting to hear from you by scheduling posts on social media. After proactively promoting your next step would be to respond to people who engage with you. These include answering any questions asked by the audience, responding to replies on social media, moderating blog comments etc. You need to be flexible enough to manage all these platforms at once.

    Step 6: Amplify Your Promotion

    After the launch day and its frantic activities are over you need to focus on keeping the buzz alive. On the launch day, you have already posted multiple times on various social media platforms. Now is the time to boost them further and modify those that did not resonate well. You can invest money in paid ads if you have not already done that. When you see new people joining, try to build a better relationship by responding to them. After this, you can submit your content to community sites and email newsletters.

    Step 7: Repurpose Your Content

    In order to keep promoting your content you can try repurposing it. While doing so you need to make sure you are exponentially increasing the content’s value. You can create a video mentioning all the important points of the blog post or article you have written. Other than that you can create an infographic, or a webinar along with live Q&A. Other than that you can also respond to questions asked in Quora using the article or blog. Want to know more about repurposing? Then check out our blog on content repurposing.

  • Bottom Line

    Following this 7-step content promotion plan you can successfully reach your target audience. Other than these 7 steps you can also include any other steps that might be suitable as per your requirements. Keeping a constant check on your content promotion plan, so that you can change it if some part of it is not working as expected.


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