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makes Python still relevant for App Development?

  • What makes Python still relevant for App Development?

    There are so many programming languages out there like Java, C, C++, JavaScript that it leaves programmers and app developers confused as to how relevant and effective Python is when compared to all of the above languages.

    Be patient and stay focused as I untangle all your doubts as we proceed. Let us begin by understanding the initial days of programming Custom Ios App Development, it was a really big deal being a programming expert as it required a great mind to understand how machines work Game App Developments.

    But as time evolved many high level languages came into being, their function depending on the mechanical intricacies they are developed to handle. In the year 1991 the word of coding brought forth a revolution in the form of Python. Designed by Guido van Rossum and developed by Python Software foundation this programming language still holds decades of programming experience. Let’s analyses what Python brings to the table and why is it still indisputable.

    Python Compared To Other Lanuages

    First off, to have a better understanding let’s compare coding in Python with the other prevalent languages for the program print “Hello World”.

    Python: print( “Hello Word” )

    C++: #include <iostream> Using namespace std; Int main () {count<< “Hello,world!\n”; return 0;}

    C: #include <studio.h> Int main(void) { printf( “hello,world\n”);}

    Java: public class HelloWorld { Public static void main (Strings[]args){ System.out.printIn ( “Hello World!”); {}

    Now we can easily identify that that Python is the easiest and the simplest coding language to learn even for a beginner. The programming language cuts short the number of coding lines and highly resembles English Language. When using Python one does not really have to be extra ordinarily talented to get started.

    Open Source

    Python is an open source license that means, it burns no holes in your pocket. It is completely free even for commercial use. It can be used and distributed at simply no cost.

    Object Oriented

    Another advantage with Python is that it is object oriented which gives it an edge over other procedure oriented programing languages. This way the user’s data or any information travelling with in the Python network is more secure.

    Huge Library

    Another advantage is that this programming language has a huge and extensive library which enables the coder to be able to code with minimum effort to attain results. Not only this the language is supported by almost every popular system for programming or using python coded programs.

    Large Community

    Python language has compatibility with most of the operating systems like iOS, Linux and Windows etc. Python being one of the oldest programming languages makes it open to a large and diverse community where the user can find articles or resolve any coding related issue that they face in their daily coding life. Irrespective of the region the developer hails from or the language they speak, Pythons community is so diverse that it offers solutions for almost any level of coder. This community stretches to nearly 1700 Python users groups in almost 190 cities and more than 35 countries.

    The user can post at any time to the Python community to get the fastest solutions possible, with over 870,000 members online the stakeholders of this language are establishing better ways of support developers with their coding troubles.


    If you have written your code for one particular operating system let’s say Windows and you want to run it on another operating system like Mac, I am here to say that you can simply do that without feeling the need to change the code.

    This makes it completely wonderful to work with as the language is largely portable. With development asking for responsiveness and speed which makes this feature the biggest asset a developer can have by their side.


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