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Published 9 years ago by Splitfish with 7 Comments

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  • cone

    Can't they still get arrested for this?

    • drummer

      I'm not sure, but they did mention something about the FBI closing the case.

      • grandsalami

        Just because a case is closed doesn't mean they can't get in shit for it.

    • Improbability

      From the article:

      Mr. Forsyth, now 63, and other members of the group can no longer be prosecuted for what happened that night...

  • TNY

    Incredible stuff. Chilling at the end when they jumped to the Snowden files.

  • doodlegirl

    I wish more people, including myself, were like this. Risking their freedoms to expose how to government is wiping it's behind with the constitution.

  • canuck

    Never heard of this before. Fascinating story.

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