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Published 3 years ago with 8 Comments

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  • WayneT

    Glad I'm here and not on Fox website. People are calling for a war with Islam. 100 dead in the concert and 40 dead in other attacks. This is so tragic

  • imokruok

    I'm finding it hard to find a clear answer for the: who? why?

    • Aevitis

      Rumors in the news say its linked to ISIS. Same goes for why, because apparently extremists are extreme. Screw this...

  • Neurobomber

    We need to have a frank and honest discussion about how to phase out religion, primarily with a focus on eradicating Islam.

    We can't do this by bombing countries or refusing refugees but we can do this by educating the children of these countries.

    I say Europe should take any women and children and refuse any man over 15. By doing this we can isolate them from the "teachers" of this religion of violence and educate them. By doing so theres a good chance we can cure them of the horrid and violent ideas that Islam teaches.

    Instead of bombing these countries we need to offer education that ACTIVELY goes against Islam and to dismantle any religious structures and buildings throughout the area, with force if need be.

    Even at home we need to stop being so politically correct about this.

    The problem with terrorism is that it's fueled by religion. Instead of attacking physical people we need to attack these ideas.

    • wolfpup

      Why not counter the ideas of violence and intolerance, instead? Islam in abstract is just another religion - in practice, it has millions of peaceful adherents. Unfortunately, a number of those followers are involved in violent actions, but their misdeeds do not define Islam for everyone else. Their misdeeds are indeed violent transgressions - physical manifestations of some amount of anger, hatred, and discord. But their misdeeds are not a definition of an entire religion, nor are they a definition of those millions of other diverse Muslims out there in the world. The events unfolding in France are immensely cruel and unjust, and I get that. It is horrid. Still, that being said, please try to avoid painting the world with so large a brush. The entire Muslim world is not your enemy; ignorance, violence, and hatred are.

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