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Published 5 years ago by Smiley with 6 Comments

Red panda having fun in the snow

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  • Csellite

    How cute is that? Let me tell you. It's over 9000.

  • FishKnight

    Oh, wow! I did not know how cute these little guys could be. I wish I could hang this gif on my wall! I'm now playing old school hip-hop and pretending it is break dancing.

    • carpenoctem

      hahaha Everyone play this video while watching the gif!

    • melanoleuca

      I will now always imagine red pandas as tiny adorable break dancers.

  • oystein

    I didn't know Master Shifu could have so much fun! :-D

  • jcscher

    They have just got some red pandas at the zoo where I live,but I have not got to see them yet'

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