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Choosing the Most Suitable WordPress Theme for Your Blog

  • We all are aware that WordPress is an excellent blogging and content management system (CMS) which will provide you with the most competitive and latest features that any blogger or content writer might require to accomplish task. Still, there are periods when this exceptional content management system plunders us for choices.

    We know that it is mostly hard to select the one engaging and attractive theme because of the wide variety of paid and free WordPress theme and templates. This is the reason why we come up with this content as we wanted to address the issue that are being faced by both, beginners as well as professionals, and offer a solution to find the most suitable theme for their blog.

  • Top 10 Best WordPress Themes For Blogs 2014

  • Choosing the Most suitable WordPress Theme for Your Blog

    When you are searching for the mist suitable theme for your WordPress based blog then there are numerous necessary features which you should make sure that it is provided by theme. We know that there are more than thousands of features and options which makes it explicitly tough to choose the right theme which is extraordinary and unique on functionality, but that doesn’t means that you have to compromise on the needed features, and that’s exactly what we have discussed in this article.

    You should take your time to ensure that you are getting the most suitable theme for your blog which also structures well on the following attributes.

    Functionalities for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    When selecting any theme you should confirm that the theme will provide you functionalities for search engine optimization (SEO). For instance, it will help you in streamlining the tags and codes to make it easier for search engine bots to crawl your site.

    Responsiveness and Some Other Crucial Features

    These days, it has become important to have a responsive theme because it works well on all various platforms it has been specifically designed for. Other features that you might want to find in a theme is that it should be feature rich, have strong community, provides better support etc.

    Remarkable Aesthetics

    The theme must need to have high-end and noteworthy aesthetics. If, at any moment, you are able to find all the required functionalities and features filled in an appealing and fine-looking theme, then definitely you should not let go of that theme because it is next to impossible to get hold of such theme.

    Easy Customization Process

    The chosen theme must need to be bendable enough that you can edit and customize it as per the requirements of your site and content. Most of the themes that you will come across will be relatively unbendable and hard to edit, and no one would like to get stuck with these themes. And since you are searching for the customizable theme then you should also inspect about the level of expertise that the specific theme would require to make certain alterations. So, those were the necessary features that you need to have in any theme but still choosing the most appropriate theme remains a hurdle. Anyways, we will now make you aware that how you can make a selection for theme that have these cutting edge features.

    What Is Your Blogging Niche?

    One of the crucial things that you must have to be sure about before choosing the theme for your blog is what you want you anticipate to do once you have a wholly functional website which is properly setup on WordPress content management system.

    We all know that having your very own blog could be relatively mystifying because there can be too many information and news to write about and you are interested in trying your luck at everything. But wistfully, that’s not how these blogs work. The point we are trying to make here is to find your area of expertise or in short – your niche. It should be something that you feel extremely passionate about. You can surely write about other topics but try to maintain your key competitive area.

    Once you have found your core strength, after that the process of selecting WordPress theme for your blog would become easy to a certain extent. The process is discussed in next section.

    Choosing the WordPress Theme Based On Your Niche

    Once your favourite niche has been selected, now it’s time to choose the suitable theme which will suit that niche. Continue reading as the discussion about various themes and designs is continued below.

    Portfolio Design Themes

    The themes found in this category are mainly focused on the photos, which include artworks, designs, photographs, paintings and alike. These themes work as a portfolio and enable creative and professional bloggers to show their contemplations and designs with a sprinkle of blogging functionality so that they can interact with their readers or visitors.

  • Designer Themes

    The main aim of these themes is to be honest about the actual feeling of design and the creativity done by the professional web design company . Oftentimes, these type of themes are focused towards giving a unique user understanding to the viewers and visitors.

    Corporate Themes

    Corporate themes are solely designed and coded for corporate individuals and businesses which allows them to establish a durable individuality of their brand name. While designing these themes, most of the attention is put towards search engine optimization, providing advanced user experience to visitors and building better brand image.

    Minimalist and Uncluttered Themes

    Themes of this type are light weight, carries minimal amount of graphics, clutter-less and have less amount of design elements. These themes will allow the visitors of your website to concentrate more on the content instead of its design.

    News or Magazine Styled Themes

    News or magazine styled themes are tailor-made because it can provide you with the best possible way to update and regulate your content and news articles. These themes usually make use of minimalistic design and natural colours, and have less amount of variations.

    Themes for Personal Blogs

    If you are into writing personal diaries or you want to publish your blabbering onto the online blog then themes that are specifically designed for personal blogs should be the ones you need to search for. Most of these themes will provide you with an easy reading experience.

    Trustworthy Resources for WordPress Themes

    Since you have got all the details about the better selection of theme for your website or blog, we will now provide you with some valuable resources from where you can search and download the theme that suit your blog.

  • Free WordPress Themes

    Sources from where you can find and download free WordPress themes include:







  • Premium WordPress Themes

    Some sources from where you can find premium themes:






    Moreover, if you are interested in getting a personalized website designed from the scratch then you can opt to hire web designing experts who provide Photoshop (PSD) to HTML conversation services.


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