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    Name: Jonnahgold

    Nickname/s: Johnny

    Parents: Applejack + Rainbow Dash

    Description: Jonnahgold is a hard working soft-spoken colt who helps his mother Applejack buck apples on the farm. He is humble, caring and strong. Most of the young fillies in town have a crush on him but the one who has biggest crush on him is Crystal (forgot to put that on her description) although he knows she likes him and thought that it was already obvious. Rainbow Dash usually teaches him for flight lessons. Jonnahgold protects his sisters and takes care of them whenever their parents are gone.

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    Names: Sunny Apple, Apple Zap (twins)

    Nickname/s: Sunny, Zap

    Parents: Applejack + Rainbow Dash

    Description: When Applejack gave birth to the fillies, she gave them the names Apple Zap and Sunny Apple because it was a sunny zap apple harvesting day during the time they were born. As they grew up, they became opposites but still stayed close to each other. Sunny Apple looks up to her big brother because of his humbleness. Just like Jonnahgold, she is considered as one of the prettiest fillies anypony could lay eyes on. Her kind and honest heart was inherited by her mother, Applejack. Her dream is to help take care of Sweet Apple Acres and make it the best apple orchid in Equestria. Apple Zap wants to have things her way all the time. She is aggressive and stubborn but secretly has a heart of gold to the core. She just doesn't like to show it that much. Most of the time, Apple zap loves racing with her 6 friends: Jamie, Blossom, Olympic, Sky Dance, Galaxy Shield and Rocky. They wish to not join the Wonderbolts, but to instead form their own racing/flying choreography group in the future calles the Silverwings. Don't call her cute or pretty or you'll be bucked in the face just like how Applejack and Rainbow Sunny Apple taught her!

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    Whooo! I've been so busy preparing for the convention and I'm kinda hangover because it was sooooooo fun!!!! I realized that I was doing tons of NextGen lately and not much on the actual canon show. So the next thing I'll be drawing is fanart of Star vs. the Forces of Evil (ONE OF THE BEST DISNEY SHOWS TODAY) and a Luna print for the next con I might be going to :D :D :D

    Oh yeah, I also noticed that the sequence of the siblings are kinda the same with Lopoditty's version of RD's kids (Big bro and two girl twins), but I'm gonna say that I have nothing to do with that I love her art and her NextGen but I made my AppleDash NextGen about 2011/2012 before I came across her.

    Next up on NextGen: Big Mackintosh + Fluttershy


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