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Published 5 years ago by PrismDragon with 2 Comments

Evolution of the Infinite Lives Trick in Mario Games

Lives can become very important when you are stuck at a hard level. Fortunately, Mario games usually include glitches or exploits that let you gain an infinite amount of lives in a very short time. Today, we're showing you said tricks in all Mario games from the original Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario 3D World.

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    Notes - Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy and the Mario Land games do not include an infinite lives trick - Super Mario Advance's trick does not work in other versions of Super Mario Bros. 2 - Super Mario 64 DS's trick only works on Version 1.0 of the game

    For the easy access: 00:06 Super Mario Bros. 00:35 Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels 01:03 Super Mario Bros. 3 01:59 Super Mario World 02:34 Super Mario Advance 03:25 Super Mario Sunshine 04:41 Super Mario 64 DS 05:26 New Super Mario Bros. 06:09 Super Paper Mario 06:30 New Super Mario Bros. Wii 06:56 Super Mario Galaxy 2 07:45 Super Mario 3D Land 08:17 New Super Mario Bros. 2 09:01 New Super Mario Bros. U 09:44 Super Mario 3D World


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  • rti9

    While the trick is nice, how the game changed through the years is more interesting to me.

  • Saffire

    Ha, interesting! I didn't realize that infinite lives in Mario games was such a thing! I remember when I was much younger (Probably around 7 or 8 years old) I used to play Super Mario 3 on the NES quite a lot. I remember figuring out this trick for infinite lives and thinking I was sooooooo clever, haha. I don't remember exactly how I found it, I was probably just screwing around with the goombas and noticed I could get lives from them and then took it to the next level.

    I noticed the linked video doesn't have this trick in it, but that could be because it takes a lot more work compared to most of the ones in the linked video in which they mostly seem to be "set and forget" type infinite level glitches. It is nice how it's basically right at the very start of the game, though.

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