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    Sweet Apple: Ah just don't get it Kygo. Why does everypony think I'm a bad pony?

    Kygo: Cause you are!

    Sweet Apple: What.

    Kygo:Haha, don't kill me. What I mean is that, how can anyone think that of you? I mean, you are actually a nice pony, sometimes.

    Sweet Apple: Sometimes?? frowns

    Kygo: Stop frowning, you'll get wrinkly quick.

    Sweet Apple: Well too bad, ah won't! Ah don't anymore.

    Kygo: looks at Sweet Apple Hey, Cheer up. Who cares what anypony thinks of you? I think you're really great.

    Sweet Apple: Really?

    Kygo: Most of the time, yeah.

    Sweet Apple: Hey, please stop kidding.

    Kygo: Well I'm being honest. It doesn't matter if you're nice all the time. It's okay to be yourself. And you're just brutally honest.

    Sweet Apple: Ah can tell Ah get that from my ma'....

    Kygo: But truthfully, you are nice . You're just honest and sometimes people can't take the truth. But it's fine because no one has ever hated you, or said anything to you just by you being honest.

    Sweet Apple: A-ah... Ah guess so.

    Kygo: But if anypony tells you something, I'd knock them out!

    Sweet Apple: What?! Why!

    Kygo: Cause you're amazing! You don't deserve to be treated like that! Starts to smile

    Sweet Apple:blushes r-really?

    Kygo: Yeah! And I'd say, only I can treat you that way! starts to laugh

    Sweet Apple: Oh, you're so gonna get it, Kygo.


    This was a bit before they started dating c: I felt like we needed more sweet apple and kygo : D

    These two belong to me c:


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