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Published 6 months ago by Petrox with 3 Comments

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  • AnitaClark

    Yay, more fear of total destruction but now we only have to wait an hour for the wipe-out. Way to improve on WMD...must be why he is adamant about getting into space. He plans on blowing up this world! HA.

  • sashinator


    that won't proliferate the global arms race at all

    also, maybe we can hook the trigger to AI so we can automate decisions of when best to deliver 80 tonnes of explosive payload anywhere in the world in an hour

    i am sure russian and chinese military strategists are going to receive this "news" with smiles on their faces, happy in the knowledge that US military can now hit them a nuclear ballistic missile with a 60 minute warning to mobilize their defenses

    i say "receive news" in inverted commas because they were probably well aware of and discussing development of similar capabilities to counter for some time

    can someone explain to me how Elon Musk fooled everyone into believing he was not part of the military-industrial complex?

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