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What is the effect of a full moon (purnima) on the human body and animals?

Purnima or full moon day have great effects on humans and animals. Read more to understand the impact and significance of Purnima vrat in detail.

  • Effects of Full Moon Day (Purnima)

    Full moon or Poornima has a powerful effect on the earth. It not only regulates the tidal energy but also influences the emotions and behaviour of humans and animals. Unlike the popular theory, it doesn’t evoke any spirits but it controls the intuition and subconscious mind of the creatures. The effects of Purnima on the human and animals is wide and unimaginable. Let’s take a look.

    What are the environmental effects of Poornima?

    • The lunar cycles affect the laboratory rats in terms of their taste sensitivity and pineal gland cells ultrastructure.
    • Cyclic variations influence humoral immune response of mice.
    • Impulsiveness and restlessness prevails.
    • In birds, daily variations in melatonin and corticosterone disappear. Melatonin and Corticosterone are the key hormones that affect the defence response in the nocturnal animals.
    • Full moon induce hormonal changes in insects.
    • It is believed that in the full moon event, Human reproduction and menstrual cycles are affected positively. However, the hard evidence supporting this fact is still not found.
    • Sometimes, sleep deprivation and sleep variation occurs in the period of Full moon.
    • Body and mind feel balanced and you sense positive energy around.
    • People born on Purnima are said to be more intelligent. As per astrology, they do not lack wealth and possess an attractive personality.
    • Gastric issues and metabolic processes improve during Purnima.

    In Hindu mythology, Purnima and full moon day is considered as the day that brings prosperity and divinity. It is believed that anything that is started on Purnima likely becomes successful. Also, due to the large effects of Poornima on the human and animals, the vedic texts emphasize full moon fasting or Purnima Vrat.

    According to astrologers, observing Purnima Vrat and doing Pooja on this day have great merits. It induces positive thoughts in your mind and balances the mind and body. It allows you to embrace the positive aura of the Universe. Through fasting, you may detoxify your body and relax your mind. The Purnima upavas control the acid content of the body and cleanses the digestive system. Moreover, Science has also revealed that on Purnima, the lunar energy makes the gravitational pull maximum.

    Thus, by observing Purnima vrat from sunrise to full moon rise, you may gain benefits of the Full moon event that are beyond expectations.


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