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Published 8 years ago by ObiWanShinobi with 5 Comments

Bastion Soundtrack - Spike in a Rail

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  • ortsac

    Best fucking OST

    • massani

      Check out the Journey soundtrack too! This and that OST are some of my favorite video game soundtracks.

    • NstealthL

      Agreed! This is definitely in my top 10 (and the game itself as well). I do think there are some soundtracks that disagree with your statement though ;)

  • snakepaws

    Such a great overall experience - the game with the narration and soundtrack. Definitely near the top of my short list.

    If anyone maybe wants some similar music to check out, try Beats Antique. (Ex: Skeleton Key)

  • Ryvaeus

    Thank you for reminding me how awesome this OST is.

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