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  • Changelog

    The following changes are included in the update:

    Server change log

    • Fix for discovering and scanning new stellar bodies not always showing up on system map
    • Fixed Hudson’s outfitting discount benefit
    • Fixed cases where player received rank up message, but rank stayed the same

    Client change log

    • Fixed accidental pasting of clipboard contents when typing ‘V’ in the galaxy map search box (OSX)
    • Increased radius of the sphere of systems used to generate missions from 10ly to 15ly, allowing all permit systems to be within range of at least one system that can give the permit
    • Various text fixes
    • Fix crash in PlanetNoiseTextures (OSX)
    • Fix crash in IShipMining interface
    • Fix crash in SheildEmitterModule
    • Fix crash in GalaxyRenderManager (OSX)
    • Increase the limit of cargo that can be dumped before being culled, depending on location (near starports or scenarios limit stays at 20. In deep space it’s now 100)

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