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  • Dev Update (30/07/2015)

    Hi everyone,

    For this week’s dev update I’m going to talk a bit about the next Xbox One GPP release and about some of what we’re working on for the CQC Update (1.4).

    As we’ve already said the next big PC/Mac release is the CQC update, but as usual with these updates we’re expanding and adding to the game in other ways. Some changes coming in 1.4 will be to missions. We’re adding legal salvage missions, so you don’t need to be a smuggler to retrieve salvage – although smuggling will still be the more profitable of these type of missions.

    Delivery, courier and smuggling will gain long range variants that can set destinations from tens to hundreds of light years away for long haul missions. A new variant on the massacre mission will have higher numbers and greater time for a more sustained strike against the mission target.

    We’ve also heard some players wanting a bit more challenge in their scenarios so an even more hazardous extraction site has been added to provide a more dangerous environment. In dangerous systems the scenarios around the nav beacons can also be a high threat version if it has been compromised.

    For Xbox One players we are currently in the submission process for the next GPP release. This will include CQC Championship as well as a host of fixes to the main game including various stability and performance issues. A change log will be posted on our forums once the updated GPP build is available.

    And finally there’s only a week until our Gamescom announcement – exciting times! :-)




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