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Published 6 months ago with 3 Comments

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  • NinjaKlaus

    The proposal, as it currently stands, would most negatively impact senior citizens, rural Americans, and low-income Americans. It would also leave an additional 24 million people uninsured by 2026, according to estimates from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office

    So if you could get the election held over again right this minute it would have swung the other way.

    Honestly, if he could switch from being crazy wild Trump to business Trump that'd be a start, a minor start, but a start. He's got to go into things like they are a board room, be a fucking professional and take your lumps, listen to fucking advisors, talk across the goddamn aisle, and don't fuck with the people that might be needed in 4 years, which I'm unsure he's going to be running for. I'm not sure he'll be in office in 2 years.

    As for the related link, The article is about the Dems sticking their head in the sand, both parties do, they've both been taken over by the worst of their kind and money talks. Also, while Bernie was more popular polled better in the General, I don't know it would have gone any better for him, I think it's probable but unlikely because he's a socialist, he'll tell you he's a Democratic Socialist, and for most older and conservative leaning Americans even though there are differences, it's like coming out and saying vote for me the communist.

    • Gozzin

      Yeah,we have been brainwashed to believe socialism is the worse thing that can happen to humanity.

      I'm not sure he'll be in office in 2 years.

      So you really think he's going to be impeached? Can you add more? I do think the powers that be are really getting fed up with this absurd shit storm. I sure am.

      • NinjaKlaus

        His own party doesn't like him, it's becoming really clear to me that Russia is a big deal and at least part of his team are/were absolutely linked to Russia during the election, The FBI this morning admitted to investigating the collusion, his children are running his business but he refuses to step down completely and make sure he has no part in it with the blind trust option, those same businesses are making deals in foreign countries which he has the ability to influence, he keeps making orders that are instantly blocked by judges, his skin is very thin, at some point I feel like he is going to implode by being unable to get things done or step over that arbitrary line in the sand. A lot of this seems like it's headed for a showdown.

        It'd be incredibly hard to reach the majority needed for impeachment, but I feel like Nixon did less and had to run. Thus, I'm unsure he'll still be around.

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