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Published 3 years ago with 12 Comments

Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer


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  • KempfCreative

    Awesome. He is really looking more "Doctor-ish" this upcoming season.

  • mattythegreater

    Bloody hell how did I miss this piece of news!

    I'm just astonished at how good they make it look- it gets better in its visual year after year and it looks bloody amazing! It looks like we've got some offworld locations this year so not just Earth (I'm not too fussed about it being on Earth or not but these locations look awesome).

    We've got Zygons, Missy (of course), Daleks... and something the Doctor wants to kiss to death. And he's rocking out on a guitar. Wowzers.

    I cannot wait.. which is a shame as I have to wait until the 19th of September!

  • uncornrage

    This looks amazing! I love what the people at BBC have done. The cinematography, sound design, lighting, set design.. everything! Only thing that yet again weirds me out is the constant gaussian blur(?) effect on Clara's face. I love Jenna Coleman, and I don't really understand the need to smooth her face like that. It's very distraction especially when she is acting right next to somebody else whose face haven't been retouched, and you can see the huge difference between her smooth, textureless cheeks and the other persons lines and wrinkles.

  • Aticusdarklord

    The friggin daughter is back!
    And the misstress is alive too! How in the bloody hell did she/he survive?

    • mattythegreater

      I would be so happy if Maisie Williams was Jenny- but whoever she is will be awesome if its not.

      And I'm sure we'll get an explanation, but I remember reading something about Moffat wanting her to be a bit like the original Master- still popping up even after he'd 'died'.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • Wolfyz

    I know it's harsh, but I hate every new regeneration of the doctor by default, at least until proven wrong. David Tennant changed my mind in just a few episodes. When Matt Smith came along, it took a few more, but I came around to liking him too. I have really high hopes for the new doctor, and I get the whole throw back to the days of old with a more seasoned looking doctor at the controls. I'm looking forwards to seeing a blue box hurdling through space and time once more, and can't wait to be proven wrong once again.

    • invariantMass

      I felt the same way, but I actually enjoyed Capaldi much sooner than Smith. It took an entire season before I warmed to Smith, but Capaldi had me interested in just a few episodes from the regeneration. And of course Tenant had me right away.

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