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What's brewing?

I got a last minute request to paint a mural at an old brewery here in Belgium. This post will be updated once in a while so you can follow the process. Are you ready?

  • The brewery is situated in a run down building in a little town called Roesbrugge, near the city of Poperinge and the French border. Until the late sixties of last century beers got made there and then the brewery got abandoned and sold several times. Until a few years ago, when an entrepreneur bought it, with adjacent buildings, and wanted to bring it all back to life. And what's life without art, aye?

    The first image I post is of the wall that will be painted and bit by bit I will add photo's and snippets of text to keep you all updated.

  • August 12, 2022
    And here the commission got stuck. The cherrypicker you see in the front is unsafe and doesn't comply to the safety standards and is not certified for use. I am sure that the same goes for the scaffolding. In one week I have never had so many badly organised shit as with this project. I had to wait over two days before the paint was bought (the primer you see in the photo is all there is, as in: just primer, not my colors). It's going to take a long time to get the colors. This is not a real commission, anyways, since I am not paid for it to do it. There have been quite a few verbal fights over this and I think I will abandon it and they can stick this project where the sun doesn't shine.

    When there's more about this, I will update.

  • August 17, 2022
    Last and final update.
    There was no disagreement on the safety issues and the (now former) patron pays me the costs (travelexpenses) so that we're even. It was not an easy decision to make, because it still is a very nice wall on a nice location. But safety and insurance are way more important than just a good feeling or artistic satisfaction.

    I am sorry that this story ends this way and that you can't have some nice insight on how such projects work. Actually, you now do have an impression of how it can go sideways. Luckily this is very rare, so when a new opportunity comes by, I will do the same and hopefully then with better results. :-)


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