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  • Gozzin (edited 3 months ago)

    No it doesn't,it's just told us it does for years to assure it makes endless money. Just cause we see an ad does not mean we will do what it commands. I started muting ads as a child when I realized how they deceived the general public with their bs. Ads do not influence everything we do,we just are not that stupid..Ok,some of us are that stupid,but not everyone. The below quote is yet another big lie rammed down our throats anytime we have the gonads to disagree with them. We are not robots they can control and manipulate,but they never stop trying. I do not watch advertisements cause I hate them with a passion. The:"You must buy this or you will never be as happy as the people in our ad" is such a crockI don't buy fast food,junk foodor big name products cause I don't want them. My latest acquisition was a gargoyle gecko and his enclosure and powdered food was sold to me by the family owned pet shop,not by some glossy ad on tv or the Internet. I also use an ad blocker. Anyway,this actually turned into a very good look at the vile ad industry and capitalistisim in general. I enjoyed it.

    The advertising industry is a global juggernaut that influences everything we do, up to and including our behavior, opinions, preferences, and even our thoughts.

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