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  • As an avid SnapZu user I am more than happy with this source of things to learn and entertain with. But a few weeks ago I've encountered the first downvote of my digital carreer on this fabulous website, which is, in and of itself, not a real problem. But bookkeeping showed me in the weeks after something peculiar. My XP reduced 0.02 points right after the downvote, but quite some upvoted posts later the "loss" wasn't corrected yet. Is this a simulation of real life, one might ask and just easy to loose points with one minor setback/downvote and pretty much undoable to correct that by making quite some effort?

    I know it is just 0.02 XP-points, but in this world of fierce competition it can be significant. I will never be the top-poster on this magnificent digital wonder, nor do I strive for that to be, but come on, man/woman, really?


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