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Published 2 months ago by Maternitus with 1 Comments

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  • Maternitus (edited 2 months ago)

    Let's ruffle some feathers here: isn't it rather blunt to call time a dimension, since it is not? As far as I know, time is just a mere description of change in the three dimensions and subsequential in all eventual other dimensions. But then again, I'm not a physicist and don't take assumptions as truth or even possible truth and just take our entire knowledge of the universe as an assumption or even a wild guess. The earth is a sphere, that's for sure. Gravity exists, I have proof with scars. Those kind of things we know or, at least, we can see, measure and describe with proof within the limits of our intellect. I think the universe is so full of surprises, that we didn't even scratch the surface with our knowledge or assumptions of it. :-)

    Maybe I should just stick with painting. :-)

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