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Published 1 year ago with 2 Comments

Reflection-refraction by Martinus

Acrylics on canvas - 80 * 60 cm


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  • Appaloosa

    I love the detail on the hairs and the light going through them....fantastic!

    • Maternitus (edited 1 year ago)

      Thank you! :-) The photo isn't of that quality to see all the details, that's for the fans who come and see it live, of course. This is one for an exhibition I am planning to have in spring, say april or may. :-) The focus is mainly on insects and light effects, throughout the series. A small part will be older works, the rest it will be all new and specially painted for just that (and sales of course). It is the first exhibition that will be in one theme. It will be the ninth exhibition of my grand total so far, which is actually not bad for an "under the radar guy". :-)

      There are just about three people who saw it for real since it is finished. :-) The smiley is because painting for something to come has to be sort of hush-hush. Building up tension with the audience. I have learned a lot the last few years. :-) Another thing I have learned with the last ten works is that slowing down the process logarithmically enhances detail and overall quality. I will stick to that and do not let me tempt to short-term gains. The big gain of slowing down and enhancing is that it gives me insights in painting and creating, it forces me to study and sketch more, observe tonnes more, experiment with every canvas before painting it. Thorough artisanal craftsmanship. That's what I am aiming for now. Artistry comes with skills, it is the joie de vivre, the frivolity of someone who is so well with his skills that playing and creating becomes something extra, a sting to competitors and viewers alike: can you do this? See it as the n-th part of my, already years long, adventure and trip towards that craftsmanship. To the competition I say it's just the warming up. :-)

      Art and creating things that I think are beautiful (with moments) is giving me a reason to live: everything in my life is centred around it. Friends, family, everybody I meet is thanks to that. It is a lonely task, but the rewards of being with people I like or love makes that more worth? The last bit is still on a steep learning curve, being the Einzelgänger that I am. :-)

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