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Published 6 months ago with 4 Comments

Kindergarten Decorations

3.5 Days of being disturbed by the same questions, got sand pizza's and sand ice creams served, built a bridge in between sketching, had to explain the workings of a rainbow and one brave young man dared to guess my age right (and ran away, laughing hysterically). Yeah, more of these, please. :-)


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  • Maternitus

    Gotta love those downvotes without any reason. :-)

    • AdelleChattre

      Hell's teeth! Whatever or whomever downvoted your work here is indiscriminate. The most blatantly vote manipulated places on Reddit are the ones where everything gets downvoted right away. Well, except for the vote manipulators' own posts, of course. Something as weasely as that's going on if this gets a downvote. Maybe someone opinion voting on whether then'd enjoyed their kindergarten. Good on you for your art here, and for putting up with the obnoxious children too! The school kids, as well.

      • Maternitus (edited 6 months ago)

        Hahaha! Well, I can tell you this: the sheer joy on those faces while telling a silly story or painting five kazillion dots, just for them, makes painting good. That's how I bring it and do it. This time I had an assignment with it, a message about diversity. That's not easy while avoiding cliche's. It's my third work there, so I know the school and several of the kids. They emphasize a lot on creativity there, so there's a lot of inspiration to gather from. The bird is the only thing that came from a book, the figures in the middle are drawings from one class's coathangers (self protraits to identify the right hanger for everyone), the apple is for the name of the school (Oogappel which translates to "apple of my eye") and the part with the tree cut to pieces and rearranged is for the closeness to nature and that "diversity", as I see it, is a damn healthy solution to inbreeding. The colours are layered, so the obligatory rainbow is hidden in the absolut backgrounds and goes from blue to purple to red et cetera. Not the "right order" and that's how I like my world. And which creates a diversity of itself by that. Pretty deep talk for a few days painting. :-) But yes, with a piece of paper, a few spraycans and a good way of telling stories to those little ones made them understand the abstract of what it actually means. We're talking kids the age of four, five years old. That's neat. And that's where you discover it is not a regular school, they do not follow the same curriculum as the normal cityschools. Same things as language, math and the lot, but with a very creative twist. Yeah, even dance and physically doing things is seen as part of a total package, it comes with schooling. Not just mindnumbingly re-reading or repeating for the sake of budgets and seats for the schoolboard.

        Sorry about the long story, it's late and I just got back from some friends. They cooked me a nice dinner. Which is no excuse what-so-ever to babble away, but I do not care. Those colours do a person good. :-) Aaah, the aerosols. Yeah. Hmmm. :-)

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