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Published 2 years ago by Maternitus with 1 Comments
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  • Maternitus (edited 2 years ago)

    It's a nice article, but more of an analysis of finding legal reasons to justify war and endless war by American presidents. It could have been an even way longer article when it focused also on the main reason of all that war mongering, killing and destruction: money and power. The main job suppliers in the USA are weapons manufacturers for the department of "defence" and that same department itself.

    I don't think that the world needs a "military superpower" nor do I think that the world needs some sort of politically motivated policing. All it does is costing many lives and just fills the coffers of a very few people. Plus: people hate other people from around the world, without even taking notice of the fact that everybody's life is just as worthy or worthless (depends on who you ask) as anyone else's. I think American politics is the cause of so much misery around the world and looking at it right now, I don't think that will end very soon. Maybe when the dollar goes down to oblivion in "value", just maybe then will there be some sort of really peaceful period.

    Until the next gang of morons stands up, of course.

    Edit: I should nuance my comment with the terms "Western countries", NATO and lapdogs.

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