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  • Song Lyrics (by Matthew Hess):

    Mmmm ooohhhh
    While you're out saving boys from the knife
    I can't help feeling lonely in my life
    I know it's a calling that must be answered
    They're not the only ones who need to be pampered

    I get relief knowing you put cutters away
    But a girl still needs time for foreplay
    When the doc and mohel are behind bars
    Let me help you forget about those scars

    Foreskin Man, I need your lovin' tonight
    It's the only thing that makes me feel right
    Foreskin Man, I want that slip and slide
    Won't you please come glide inside?

    Foreskin Man, I miss your gentle caress
    My body cries for you, I do confess
    Foreskin Man, visit my balcony
    Being gone this long is a felony

    I'll cheer for you on tonight's news
    When they talk about your latest rescues
    And while my heart aches for a rendezvous
    I trust you'll return when my time is due


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