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  • Frontman or Famed Writer?

    I think it's interesting that people still question whether or not Shakespeare wrote these plays. As someone who dabbled in creative writing, I can say that though I haven't been to many places outside of Pennsylvania, that doesn't mean I couldn't write a story that takes place in a different state (or country).

    With the help of today's technology, I could easily go online to research what it's like in another state and also talk to people from the area. Shakespeare could have easily talked to travelers from Verona or other countries. As a glover's son, he probably watched and listened to the customers of the business and noted how they spoke, where the came from, or other details. I agree with the author when she says that Shakespeare probably asked a lot of questions. That's how you learn.

    I also can relate to what Eric says in the comments about all the the characters representing English aristocrasy. If I were to place characters in a different setting, I would base them primarily on what I know and just give them names to suit the place.

    Definitely an interesting read. What do you think?


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