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Published 3 years ago with 15 Comments

Cleverly made, trippy Adventure Time Gif

Created by Cartoon Network as promotion

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  • Cheesemangeur

    That is pretty cool! I need to watch more adventure time, I've only seen a couple episodes.

    • LuiguSefi

      It's a great show, intended for any age, too! There are some dark themes and lighthearted fun, I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has the time for it.

      • iamyou

        Recommendation approved! Adventure Time should be all the time and any time... if you have time (which you do).

    • CuppaMatt

      Adventure Time always felt to me like CN gave a load of cool animators a heap of money and said "make something YOU'D enjoy watching" and they just went and did it. If you like it I'd HIGHLY recommend Steven Universe! It's from an Adventure Time veteran and the world she's created is awesome!

      • snakepaws

        Seconding Steven Universe. I am a massive fan of Adventure Time, but I feel like Steven Universe hits all the right notes, much quicker - in terms of feelings, the massive story behind the lighthearted animation, deeper thematic elements, etc. While it seems to be a bit of an unpopular opinion outside of my immediate social circle, I think Steven Universe is my favorite between the two, if only slightly. Adventure Time is a bit more of a slower reveal. Not in a bad way, mind you. Both shows get deep if you're actually paying attention.

        That said, also recommending Bravest Warriors (on YouTube), Gravity Falls, definitely Rick and Morty, and Bee and Puppycat (also on YouTube).

    • Arbituz

      Such a great show. I'm 26 and love watching it. The only problem is that for some reason my wife hates it. I need to try and convert her to a fan.

    • utesred

      I seriously need to watch more adventure time, too! I've loved what I've seen so far!

    • shadow1515

      I highly recommend it, it's an entertaining show for kids and adults alike. It does seem to be a "love/hate" kind of thing though so if you just can't get into it after a few episodes don't feel too bad like you're missing out on something great, because if it's just not your thing then you're not truly missing out.

  • NstealthL (edited 3 years ago)

    Absolutely love adventure time. This gif captures the overall absurdity of the show quite well!

    Some of those episodes though...stuff to fuel nightmares.

  • LuiguSefi

    I've posted the source above, but in here, too. I'm not all too familiar with spanzu just yet, so just trying to figure things out.

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