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Published 5 years ago by LisMan with 1 Comments

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  • AdelleChattre (edited 5 years ago)

    Russian military attacks in Aleppo, in which hundreds of Syrian civilians have been killed and a humanitarian convoy was attacked, have hardened European views toward Russia.

    When did the EU officially decide that the Syrian government had no role to play in Syria? Or was it not dealt with in those terms? When did the EU ratify the decision it officially prefers Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists govern Syria rather than Syrians? Maybe I’ve not kept up. I mean, it seems like I have, but I keep having to wade through reports of these foreign terrorists bombing and rampaging their way through Syrian civilian areas, and it’s cut down on the rabid anti-Russian propaganda I have time for.

    The Obama administration has worked closely with the European Union to ensure trans-Atlantic unity on sanctions, arguing that they are crucial to containing Russia.

    Wait, was the U.S. entering the War on Terror on the side of Al Qaeda in Syria considered ‘sanctions?’

    Even among the staunchest supporters of sanctions — Germany, Poland, the U.K. and the Baltic states — maintaining such measures will become untenable if it looks like the United States will break ranks.

    I’m not following this very well. The U.S. plan for European sanctions against Russia will be put in doubt if the U.S. abandons those sanctions along with the overt build-up to war next year? I should think it would. What’s that sound? Is it air being let out of the inflated Russian threat or the sweet sound of home heating, clean burning, free flowing Russian natural gas?

    On Sunday, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said the EU has “a very principled position on the annexation of Crimea and the situation in Ukraine” that was not going to change “regardless of possible shifts in others’ policies.”

    So the U.S. stages a coup in Ukraine, depicts the restrained Russian reaction as an invasion, but even after the war party in the U.S. is rubbished in the next election, the E.U. is so belligerently drunk it intends to follow through on the averted war by itself?

    “Wouldn’t it be great if we got along with Russia?” he rhetorically asked on numerous occasions, voicing his desire to cooperate with Moscow to fight ISIS, even though most Russian strikes in Syria over the past year have been against non-ISIS targets.

    Wouldn’t it be great? Personally, I wasn’t disappointed to see the Russians set themselves to defeat the Salafist terrorists. But then, I’ve never thought that a foreign policy strongly backed by Sen. John McCain of Arizona made a goddamn whit of sense. Like backing ultranationalist neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine and Wahhabist Salafist militias in Syria. The man’s a idiot. An angry, blind, dangerous idiot.

    There are also concerns about several of his advisers.

    Really? I’ve had concerns about several of President Obama’s advisers.

    Lifting Western sanctions on Russia while it still occupies Ukrainian territory would embolden Putin into thinking he has reconsolidated a sphere of influence along his borders.

    That territory is Russian now. It’s not going back to the coup regime in Ukraine. EU figureheads can stomp their little feet and pound their little fists as much as they like, but no petulant conniption fit is going change that. How would the U.S. have reacted if the Soviets had blatantly staged a Warsaw Pact-backed takeover of the Mexican government? It’d’ve annexed everything up to and including a...

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