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Published 11 months ago with 3 Comments

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  • Maternitus (edited 11 months ago)

    I am starting to find paywalls and exclusion of media a very disturbing fact of life. Since Europe made a thorough set of rules about the internet, USA sites are more or less viewable, but with popups asking if I am sure I want to read 'those sinful lines" from abroad. It feels like censorship. In my country they use paywalls for exactly that (censoring): all the articles in most newspapers that are about poverty and the things that can be done about it, are behind a paywall. All the time, no exception. While propaganda, like alienating refugees and make them look bad, are with extra bold lettering, more images and more persistent on the front pages. It's a trend that goes on for years, but the past three years it became more obvious to me. Fascism isn't knocking at Europe's door, it's already there and in power in a diversity of flavors in nearly all countries. That saddens me alot and makes me wonder what went wrong with common sense, dignity and above all humanity.
    This article, like the rest of the newspaper, was made unreadable behind a paywall.

    • AdelleChattre

      Hey, how're you? Didn't see you at the last regularly-scheduled meeting of the vast, atheist secular humanist conspiracy, Brother Maternitus! You know the score. Even The Company's psyops like WaPo have to show P&Ls every month. Like it says in the handbook, "People will come to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think."

      Don't worry, one of the smart speakers you'll be getting for gift-giving season will fill you in. Anyway, if you ever run into a paywall like this, just insert "outline.com/" in front of the domain. Like this.

      Hope to see you at the next one. Keep the disturbing lack of faith!

      • Appaloosa

        From "Like this" link....a brilliant segue and find by the way:

        “I’m proof,” he said, “that you can get a complete historical cycle in one lifetime.”

        Still fit but graying at age 64, he is again on the front lines of a freedom struggle.

        But this time, the blind courage of youth is gone. He knows the advantage lies with the autocrats.

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