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Published 5 years ago by KondoR with 3 Comments

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  • Urbanknight4

    Not to be insensitive or anything... but several tons of burning pork? I can almost picture how much it would have hurt those workers to incinerate all that cooked meat. Just the smell must have killed them a little, man.

    • pixelboot

      It's so weird over there. Of all the Russians I know, all but one of them are strong supporters of Putin. The propaganda is very heavy over there, and they believe that the "insult" that this is giving to the West is not only justified, but well worth it. It's sad.

      • Urbanknight4

        That doesn't make sense. Why support a guy that people are making a petition against? Like, even if you've been fed propaganda all your life, there are a bunch of Russians saying this is a waste of food. His regime isn't that perfect, and even if you believe his lies, wouldn't you notice the cracks?

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