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Published 6 years ago by Katherine with 4 Comments
  • Why I recommend it:

    I'm a huge fan of this nail blog! The author is incredibly talented and obviously adores all kinds of nail glitter (and has a breathtaking polish collection). Though I don't even come close to her skill, I love to admire her work, and the sheer number of photos she has on her blog provide great inspiration!

    Though she rarely posts tutorials, the blog is home to innumerable creative designs incorporating a variety of techniques, as well as a handful (haha get it) of reviews.

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  • LacquerCritic

    As far as nail art culture goes, it's worth noting that this blog pretty much pioneered the art of 'hand placed glitter', an incredibly time consuming but visually impressive area of nail art. I have yet to find any other bloggers who can match the level of detail this blogger does, especially on such a consistent basis.

  • yarnnoodles

    I've always loved her work that I saw back on reddit. I've tried hand placed glitter in the past and I barely have enough patience for one nail, let alone all 10 in fancy geometric patterns!

    • Katherine

      Haha, I tried hand-placed glitter once, maybe four years ago. I was very successful! It took a couple hours, looked fabulous, and was a massive pain to get off. I have not tried it since.

      • yarnnoodles

        My attempt was something like "oh hey, this one nail looks pretty neat. Oh. I have 9 more? Well, one awesome accent nail is good enough, right?" :)

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