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Watch BattleBots Online

A couple of ways you can catch up on the most recent BattleBots episodes!

  • If you missed BattleBots and want to see the matches/episode, here are a couple of ways you can see it online:

    • ABC's website here. You can watch the full episode if you are a cable customer and get ABC, or watch the individual matches if not.
    • Hulu here. You have to be a subscriber, and in the US.
    • Youtube - it looks like the user TheYuGiTom has some good recordings of it, with a playlist here

    I think that's all. Speak up if you know of a better way! I left torrents off this list, because I'm a little skeptical of them and don't want to post some random link I found. So I suppose that's an option, but you're probably better off with one of the links above.


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