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Published 7 years ago by Jonah with 12 Comments
  • About /t/recruitment

    Just created a great tribe? You probably need some great people to help you start out, and that's where /t/recruitment comes in. You can post looking for moderators or post an offer for other tribes to accept you as a moderator. It's as simple as that really :)

    If you just created a new tribe, feel free to come over here. /t/recruitment is relatively new but we're working on spreading the word, so soon hopefully anybody will be able to come here and ask for help!

    I just made this and it's not official, but maybe someday it will be official, and the go-to place to find mods (we can dream, can't we?).


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  • troople

    Great idea for a tribe. We seriously need some kind of directory for all these great snapzu related tribes that are popping up.

    • Jonah

      I'd make one, like /t/metatribes or something, but I feel like it should be officially made. Or would that be a good idea to just make now?

  • Seikoholic

    Question, if we find a dead tribe with zero moderators and no recent content, can that tribe be claimed?

  • Moderator

    I think maybe /t/modrecruitment would be a better name for the tribe. I dunno if you can change it. If not, that's cool.

    By the way, you can all stop looking — I'm right here.

    • Jonah

      I don't think it can be changed. Regardless, I'm more of a fan of short and to the point things anyways, I think it's fine.

      • Moderator

        I just think that generic tribe names should be left to their most generic uses. For example, if someone creates /t/architecture to talk about Lego buildings exclusively, then it's kind of funny that the architecture buffs would have to go somewhere else. If they create /t/legoarchitecture then it simplifies things.

        But I can't think of any other real uses for /t/recruitment, so I agree that it's okay.

        • messi

          100% agreed but I'm sure that's the intention.

        • Jonah

          I see what you mean, but yeah I can't think of any other uses for it either :P

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