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Published 8 years ago by ICweener with 3 Comments

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  • Tadaima

    The story about Studio 4°C starting a crowdfunding site for Japan is interesting. That might lead to some interesting things. I've always hoped something like that might help push Dreaming Machine (Satoshi Kon's final, unfinished film) back into production.

    • koh (edited 8 years ago)

      It's exciting to see even more studios turning to crowdfunding, but it's also sad to see that even big name studios are in need of it. (Edit: On second thought-- Alternatively, its great that studios are finding more ways to fund themselves and to maintain their creative vision without having to rely on the money and meddling of corporate sponsors!)

      I'm with you there, I'd love to see Dreaming Machine one day... but I don't know if crowdfunding could have any impact on it. If I recall correctly, didn't Madhouse stop production on it not so much because of budget issues, but because there's no way to fulfill Kon's vision without him?

      Anyway, the Studio 4°C project is looking really neat. Here's hoping it does well (and that we'll see Dreaming Machine one day!)

      • Tadaima

        Well, according to the wiki page it was mostly financial. Storyboards and script were finished by Kon, and they had his notes and spoke with him about it before he died. And about 1/3 of the animation is complete. The person in charge of the project said he wants to finish it one day.

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