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Published 7 years ago by HauntedCryme with 4 Comments

The Smash Brothers Documentary

A 4 hour long documentary about the competitive Smash Brothers Melee scene. I just came across it and am half an hour in. It's very informative, especially for someone who, like me, has never played the game


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  • jessdabess

    Great documentary. It's really incredible to see how such a tight nit competitive community emerged from Smash. I had no idea what kind of scene was around for smash until I saw thils.

    • HauntedCryme

      Yeah, me either. People always say Smash was a great scene and game, but I'd never experienced any of it until I saw this (Although I'm still only half way through!)

  • DJVee

    This is the version I boot up whenever I feel like watching it again. I love having them all in one video!

  • Distinguished

    Its a great documentary, it got me interested in playing smash 4 competitively.

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