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Published 7 years ago by GingerBreadMan with 8 Comments

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  • ttubravesrock

    this method is good, but newspaper AND fire starting squares on top is basically cheating. that would work fine with any fire stacking method. Just use the upside down fire stacking method plus a small tipi fire on top. Once the kindling is going it will accomplish the same thing that the fire starter accomplishes, but for free instead.

    • freedomgarden

      Glad to hear this as I was looking for a way around fire starters.

    • GingerBreadMan

      Thanks! Fire starters are usually the last thing I grab, but I am looking forward to try it with a tipi on top.

  • BlueByte

    Does this work in a high efficiency fireplace? In the pics it looks like its in a older style open fireplace.

    • ttubravesrock

      I do it in a blaze king wood stove (sealed). I don't have fancy shingles or anything either. Just split and nonsplit wood with a little fire on top. I don't close the door until the top layer of wood is burning.

    • laebshade

      Probably, just use less water and detergent. You don't want that scum around the edge, do you?

  • click

    Don't know why i'm upvoting this, seeing as I live on the 5th floor of an apartment building (and there's close to 0 camping opportunities in the next x amount of time), but it's interesting. Thanks!

  • freedomgarden

    Top notch.

    I've never seen this method before. I'm ready for winter so I can give this a shot.

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