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  • searchclickgrow

    Websites are tricky beasts for sure, and the pricing for one site can be anywhere from free to thousands of dollars.

    However, it is like that proverb; you can only have two of the three, cheap, fast, or quality.

    "How much does making a website cost?" is a vast question and getting to the answer we need to ask more direct questions;

    What the purpose of your website?

    There is a wide range of sites on the web that perform various amount of functions.

    Types of websites: Educate people Facilitate commerce Promote lead gathering Access social networking Write a blog Offer training Create affiliate sales Boost their branding Sell their business's services Develop a reputation as an industry expert Provide entertainment

    For example, a blog will be significantly cheaper to create and maintain while an e-commerce story has multiple functions and moving parts that require more skill and money to produce.

    Without knowing its purpose, building a website will be challenging because you don't see the function it's supposed to serve.

    Is your website's name important to you?

    Website domains vary in cost depending on an array of reasons. If you can be flexible on the name, you can buy one for relatively cheap.

    Have you considered hosting?

    Your website host is the company that owns the server your website lives on. There are many options here with again a broad range of costs.

    DIY or hire designer

    If you have to talent to design a site yourself, sites like WordPress and Wix are types of shortcuts for web designing. These sites offer templates that can be dragged and dropped making the design stage faster. Using these DIY options will cause.

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