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Published 4 years ago with 0 Comments
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    Hello! I'm the founder of this Tribe, FlyingShisno! And I'd like to share a few words.

    I've been a fan of Fate/Stay Night for maybe 6 months to a year now. I've seen Ufotable's UBW adaptation and Fate/Zero, and still working my way through the Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel. I get distracted easy. I'm a frequent visitor of Reddit's /r/FateStayNight Subreddit, and when I started migrating over to using Snapzu today, I wanted to join a Fate/Stay Night Tribe as well, and when I noticed that empty void, I decided to fill it.

    So welcome! Here is a gallery of images of Saber watching and reacting to Ufotable's adaption of Unlimited Blade Works. Also features other cast members as well. Also contains heavy spoilers, so watch out! I know starting out with a post containing spoilers might not be the best idea, but I love it too much not to share. I will need to hunt down the source and artist, but the images were posted on Twitter, originally in Japanese, as the episodes were airing, so it was like a live thing. Someone had translated and typesetted, then posted it to imgur. I'll be adding on various links heading towards the original artists Twitter, any site where he posts his art regularly, and the translator and typesetter too.

    Feel free to post and/or discuss anything Fate related, and for the record, that includes Prisma Illya.

    I will be creating another post for any suggestions you have towards making this Tribe better!


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