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Published 7 years ago by Flint with 4 Comments

My Gaming Shortlist (for the rest of 2016)

It's been a while since a game has gripped me. You know, captivation that keeps you glued to the screen and when you look up, it's 3am? Here's my list of games that I am hoping to try out this year and which look like they may just have that magical...something something. It's a short list I know, but I don't have that much time to play games anymore. I will however, make some time to play these, and hopefully get lost in them.

  • 1. BELOW

    Release date: Q2/Q3 2016
    Website: http://www.whatliesbelow.com/

    Below is an adventure game viewed from a top-down perspective. The player-character is a "tiny warrior exploring the depths of a remote island". The game is about exploration, though that goal is contingent upon the character's survival. Microsoft's Phil Spencer described the game at E3 2013 as a "creative take on roguelike gameplay" in a "mysterious world". The environments are randomly generated.

    The game is designed to be difficult, with "brutal but fair combat" and permanent death.

  • 2. Rain World

    Release date: 2017...but I have a sneaking suspicion that it might just actually be this year. If not, 2017 it is.
    Website: http://rainworldgame.com/

    Rain World is a survival platformer set in an abandoned industrial environment ravaged by a shattered ecosystem.

    Bone-crushingly intense rains pound the surface, making life as we know it almost impossible. The creatures in this world hibernate most of the time, but in the few brief dry periods they go out in search of food.

    You are a nomadic slugcat, both predator and prey in this land. You must hunt enough food to survive another cycle of hibernation. Other — bigger — creatures have the same plan.

  • 3. No Man's Sky

    Release Date: 9th August 2016
    Website: http://www.no-mans-sky.com/

    No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy.

    What can I say, it's the colours...

  • 4. Battlefield 1

    Release Date: October 21, 2016
    Website: https://www.battlefield.com/news/battlefield-1

    No description really needed here, the title says it all.

    This...just looks great. I'm in it for the multiplayer.


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  • OL44893

    Good list, several I too am interested in. Hmmm and this:

    The game is designed to be difficult, with "brutal but fair combat" and permanent death.

    Anyone play Don't Starve? Talk about brutal... atm I'm playing through the Witcher games. Finished the first and just started the 2nd -- yes, I know unrelated to the topic here... but I wanted to share with someone!

  • Gozzin (edited 7 years ago)

    The only one on that list that I'd want to play is No Man's Sky and since I only use Linux distros,the chances of me ever playing it are remote, to say the least. I'm still enjoying Minecraft.

    • Flint

      I really do wish there was more support for Linux. Can you imagine how Linux would thrive if all games had a Linux port? Anyways, dabbling in anything else besides Minecraft?

      • OL44893

        Terraria here. I'm a building fiend, fishing huts, individualized homes for NPC's, oh and pet collecting. Must get all the pets.

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