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  • Celtore

    Bangs are a pretty handy feature. I submitted the one for the cbc. Another cool thing is that you can theme the colors without installing greasemonkey or a similar plugin. A small thing yes, but I like having the ability to do those kinds of things.

  • CubeFan

    I had no idea this was a feature. I use Pale Moon, which is a lighter Firefox clone, and it comes with a DDG search bar installed in the browser. I might make more use of it now.

    • chocotaco

      Any thoughts on Pale Moon for Android? I ask because sometimes it feels like Chrome for mobile sucks, also sometimes for PC since its a CPU hog.

      • CubeFan

        Oh, I actually wasn't aware there was a Pale Moon for Android. I use the Pale Moon web client, and use Chrome for mobile (and I agree, it eats everything up). PM is pretty neat, definitely sleek and minimalistic. It isn't fully gesture optimized so if you're using it for a tablet, you might be a little letdown, but I think overall it's an enjoyable experience.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • theaceoface

    Is this guy serious? This is a feature built directly into browsers. In chrome, you just need to press "tab". For example, "Amazon" + tab or "Youtube" + tab.

    Why the hell would I want to use website for that?

    • Daevien

      It does much more than just going to the website. You can search google, find a movie with imdb, do math related stuff with wolfram, etc. Thousands of different sites easily accessed / searched / used from a browser directly.

      You should really check out https://duckduckgo.com/bang for more information

      • theaceoface

        The tab feature in chrome does not bring you to the website. If your search "!imdb hurtlocker" in duckduckgo it will bring up the imdb search result page for the query 'hurtlocker'. In chrome, if you type "imdb.com" + tab + "hurtlocker" it will bring up the exact same page. To be clear, these features aren't similar; there exactly the same. The "tab" feature just does the same thing as the bag feature.

    • atomic1fire

      As I mentioned on a similar reddit thread, the reason you would use this is because not every browser shares the same search settings.

      I can use duck duck go bangs and I know it will be fairly consistent no matter what browser or who's device I'm using. Also some of the bangs are far shorter then using the equivalent chrome search plugin.

      I could type yahoo in google chrome, or I save ddg.gg as a search engine and just type "!y thing I'm searching for"

      Firefox even has Duck Duck Go built in.

      !g will still work, !w will still work, etc.

      Any bang on https://ddg.gg/bang should work just fine regardless of what device or browser I'm using.

      • theaceoface

        1) I can see how this would be useful if you switch browsers a lot. 2) I can see how "y! <query>" is considerably shorter than typing "yahoo.com <tab> <query>".

        I tend to use chrome most of the time and the extra typing doesn't really bother me. Especially since I really don't get much use out of this feature in chrome. I honestly use google 95%+ of the time. But I can see how your use case can differ.

        I just feel that people sell this as a revolutionary killer feature when it really seems like a minor refinement of something people could do already.

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