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/t/waifu - A tribe dedicated to the viewership and admiration of waifus!

Posting pretty anime girls and boys to our liking since- today!

  • What is this tribe?

    To put it simply, it's a sub dedicated to showing off pretty anime girls and boys. Show us your waifu and it is locked down and no one else can have it. Not even the moderators yo. There is a rare occasion though where one will have the same waifu as you. We have a saying in the hood, no waifu no laifu. Users with the same waifu will be forced into a duel involving making an essay on why the waifu is indeed, a waifu. The one with the better essay gets to keep the waifu. If waifu wars aren't solved, we result to full force. We- I'm just kidding lol~ Come on down and show us some nicely drawn species! Come on down to /t/waifu !


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