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Published 5 years ago by Endymion with 10 Comments

A photo of South Lake Tahoe (California) that I took

Taken with my iPhone 5S


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  • schrodingersman

    I know I've lived in Texas too long when I start missing snow. Great picture!

    • blitzen

      I live in the Sierras and ski in Tahoe, and I too miss the snow.

  • Dattix

    Awesome picture! Do you do photography professionally, or take classes?

    • Endymion

      Thanks! But no, I have no clue about professional photography, just took out my phone and clicked it! If it does look pro, maybe I got lucky haha :)

  • jcscher

    Great picture but seems like we just got rid of the snow in my area.

  • Jupiter7 (edited 5 years ago)

    Here's another. Sorry the quality is so terrible :(

    From above.

    That's from a flight from Reno to LAX in April.

  • Csellite

    What a stunning view. This makes me miss the snow :(

  • canuck

    Must have some awesome skiing up there.

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