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Welcome to PC Builds!

  • Hey so I wanted to make a post for new people to get started with the tribe and getting into this hobby as well as just to inspire both new and old PC builders alike. Also if you are new or haven't posted here before feel free to introduce yourself here and get to know other /t/PCBuilds members!

    Tutorials and Inspiration

    So I thought I would leave some tutorials here for people getting started, I have chosen not to link to a guild to the very basics of putting a pc together because there are so many out there that are easy to find and I think looking for yourself for one that suits you is would help the most. That being said if anyone knows of a particularly good guide on the subject let me know and ill add it here. The tutorials I have decided to put here are on subjects that help your basic build that much better and I will continue to add more guides so if you have any ideas for good ones let me know.

    And if you every need inspiration I always find it helps to go to Million-dollar-pc.com

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      Cable Management

      This is just a simply guide to getting started with cable management getting good at this just takes some time experimentation and trying new ideas. Cable management is one of those things that is well worth the effort if you want to improve the look of your build.

      If you really want to take it in a different direction you could do something similar to p0Pe In his Project M8 Build and 3D Print some cable organisers shown Above.

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      Cable Sleeving

      This Guide is the a very in depth look at cable sleeving. Cable sleeving is also very time consuming but well worth the reward in my opinion and there are a few different methods the one above and one without heatshrink shown here so decide what you like best and go with it.

      You can buy pre sleeved cables and even custom sleeved cables in a design and length of you choosing so look about if you think you would rather buy them then spend all the time on doing it your self.

      If you can master both sleeving and Cable management you can do some amazing things the example above is some of the best I know of and both would require sleeving your own cables to get the right length. This is a build called "Model 01" by Brodholm


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