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Published 4 years ago with 8 Comments
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  • rosellem

    The only reason the Republican party remains viable is through voter suppression. It's an insult to democracy and our constitution, which the Right supposedly holds so dear.

    • NinjaKlaus

      You paint a broad brush with that accusation. I've voted republican before, I've also voted, green and libertarian and democrat as well as constitutional party. Just because a number of the main line candidates and extreme sideline ones are in support of things doesn't mean everybody is. I can be pro life and pro gun but hate the lack of social spending and help for the poor and vote for say Jason Carter or Michelle Nunn, I can hate the tropes of Let's Make America Great Again and still find some good in Donald's tax plan. You should look at the character's whole thing not their party before coming to a conclusion because sometimes there might be more you like in them than the other, not often but sometimes. Jimmy Kimmel just did this with Trump's tax plan and when people though it was Hilary's they liked it, then were surprised to find it was Trump's. They still won't vote for him but they liked his plan.

      • rosellem

        Of course not all republicans think exactly in lockstep, but voter suppression is not a fringe ideal within the party. Voter ID laws, getting rid of early voting, closing polls/dmvs, etc. are all enacted and supported by the overwhelming majority of the party.

        • NinjaKlaus

          I live in a Republican state, we now can vote up to a month early at the county offices, it used to be 2 weeks, with extra satellite offices for early voting a week before the election in the local communities. Mail in ballots can be sent up to 2 months out, I believe it is. The other news outlets had a better reason for the DMV locations closing, they were satellite operations and losing money. The state has promised to open them for Voter ID reasons still though, though I agree I'd believe that when I saw it. Again a lot of what's said and done at least here doesn't match up with the perception of the other side. It may in some places though and I may just have elephant glasses on and not donkey ones.

          I support voter ID laws, so long as they are provided free of charge. I have to have an ID to get on a plane, a train, into a courthouse and soon when Real ID goes into full affect if you don't have a government approved ID you can't get into federal buildings at all...(some states have yet to join RealID believing it is against the 10th Amendment) why shouldn't we be required to provide an ID at the voting station...

  • NinjaKlaus

    This I believe is voter disenfranchisement, requiring ID so long as it's free and in the community I think is fine, but removing the ability to get an ID at the local level is wrong, they know it's wrong and should be sued and found to be in violation of the voters rights act.

    • [Deleted Profile] (edited 4 years ago)

      [This comment was removed]

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