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Published 3 years ago with 10 Comments

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  • zyrthofar (edited 3 years ago)

    Bragging about 4KB of memory. I have 32GB in my PC right now, 35 years later. 8x10^6 more. Wow.

    Plus, people in 20 years will say the same of us.

    Bragging about 32GB of memory. I have 128PB in my PC right now!

    Exciting times to live in :D.

  • Shimmer

    Young whippersnappers think 1975 was the "dawn of technology"!?

  • Nerdeiro

    The IBM personal computer sells for $4,385. Up to 256K of user memory may be installed. BYTE Magazine, 1981

    My gaming machine costed about $2,300, including the price tag of the 27" 1440p monitor. It has an i7 4790k, 16GB RAM and a Radeon R9 290X. With all that and it costs little more than half what the original PC costed in 1981.

    I asked Wolfram Alpha to adjust it to todays money and I almost chocked with the answer... North of $11,000 !!! Yes, if the original PC were on sale today, it would cost eleven thousand Dollars !

    We're talking about a chip that had 29,000 transistors versus one with 1,400,000,000 plus the ones on the GPU, 34 years apart. and the new system costs 1/5 the price.

    Damn, we moved fast in those 30 years!

    • Francopoli

      Hell, the GPU alone is a super computer compared to that 1981 machine! Physics labs are using CUDA to do massive parallel processing. A machine running $50K can now out perform a 10 year old million dollar mainframe. We all know that tech moves forward and gets faster an cheaper, but coming face to face with that change is still amazing.

  • meowmixxed

    Yet somehow a TI-83 is still $130.

    • jmcs

      That's due to the lack of competition, there are very few brands making calculators that are allowed in high schools.

  • Francopoli

    My two SLI'ed video cards have more RAM (16GB) than my first 20 PCs COMBINED. I had several different XT machines that had 1MB each, then a couple of x286's with a whopping 4MB! It was not until I had a 1GHZ CPU in 1999 that I had a GB of RAM in the machine.

    And I am looking at 128GB thumb drives for under $40 as an emergency backup to drop in my safe deposit box. That still makes me stop and think once in a while.

  • achensherd

    All I marvel at nowadays relative to my own computing history is how CCleaner regularly clears from my laptop's SSD junk that is at least a couple times the total disk space my Mac had in 1995.

  • beer4chuck

    In the late 70s, I was a computer operator in the US Air Force. The base computer was a Burroughs B3500 with core memory (640k I think). With peripherals such as a punch card reader, card punch, printer, disk drives, and a printer, it took up a room about 1200 square feet. I am amazed at how computers have increased in power while shrinking in size. I now carry way more computing power than that B3500 in my pocket (smartphone).

    • jmcs

      You can get a watch with more computing power than the B3500.

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