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Published 3 years ago with 4 Comments

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  • Appaloosa

    This is that first line of free cocaine from your friendly dealer. Maybe you get a few more free hits. Eventually you are going to be paying to fund your own addiction with no way out. And if you don't pay, or play by the rules, no more blow for you.

    • Yamadori (edited 3 years ago)

      Or, its a guarded, experimental step to address an impending job supply deficit. Its to see what kinds of productivity a down-and-out person would seek, knowing that they can eat this month. Will they pick up a low wage job to supplement this income? Job training or further education to invest in their future? Wasting their time completely (but still spending this money in local economies, regardless)?

      The harsh reality is that automation is going to make thousands of different kinds of work obsolete in the next 50 years. Its not something we've seen before, nothing that can be extrapolated from past 'paradigm shifts' or other 'disruptive' trends. Simply, a huge amount of people will be replaced by machines and robots and not have somewhere else to look for employment. No one argues that automation will displace many jobs and careers, the discussion is about the degree and appropriate response.

      To be fair, the article says that the Finnish government has not drawn that connection, but it is the most driving argument for UBI.

      One of the best measures of a society how far ahead it looks and plans. In terms of automation displacement, we must know what works and what doesn't. Data is crucial.

      Your analogy falls short of pertinent and applicable. You need to consider the people that would have no ability to find work after their jobs get automated, many who want nothing else but a steady job.

      • Appaloosa (edited 3 years ago)

        The analogy is tongue in cheek. I certainly am well aware of social hazards ahead with the advancement of technology. I would have to say I am involved in it. Basic income is a way to bridge a gap, but is that it? Is that all that can be done, because if we are saying that is the solution to automation and job loss, it's not sustainable. There are many examples of technology being rejected, such as the movement of organic food, or GMO free. By acquiescing to our robot replacement, we are surrendering to the corporations and financial systems that are causing this to come about in thier unending efforts to make more pretend money. Would you see a confluence with a cashless society as part of the plan? Heard of chipping? You are already tracked and categorized by any number of programs designed to harvest you in various ways. I am not going to accept being raised like a cow on a farm and hope they give me my feed for the day.

        Simply handing out your daily bread does not fix the basic fault in the current value system model.

        • Yamadori

          Well said. There will have to be many discussions about the best way forward. But just letting the free market take its course will be needlessly short-sighted and perhaps damaging.

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