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Published 11 months ago by Chubros with 3 Comments

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  • aj0690

    I might switch from Chrome just because of this

    • Gozzin

      I've used Firefox since it was called Netscape.

  • StarFlower

    I already use firefox. One thing I would've liked better, is if the article would have explained how from the user's point of view this is different from blocking third-party cookies, or how the change adds more protections. I think I figured some of it out, but since the article is written by the company itself (who presumably knows the details better than anyone else), they could have helped the average user understand the difference better. The detail they had isn't (IMHO) enough to clearly inform users how that is different from other browsers or from existing privacy options within firefox. In other words, great privacy option, but the explanation could have been done better.

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