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Published 7 years ago by Chubros with 14 Comments

DIY Headphones from bullet casings


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  • xg549

    They look cool, but keep in mind that these things would honestly sound like shit. The shape and material of the earbud plays a larger role in the sound quality than many people would expect, since reverberations inside the shell make it back into your ear and reflect the overall color of the sound. Since the casings are just hollow brass (which is bad for sound quality in the first place) and especially are not in an acoustically engineered shape, these might actually sound worse than a $5 pair you can buy at a grocery store.

    But hey, they make a pretty nice fashion statement if you don't mind listening to plastic music. Not everyone is an audiophile I guess.

    • zyrthofar

      Several years ago, I had an empty howitzer casing. I used to talk in it to imitate Darth Vader's voice. Is the same happening with the smaller bullet casing, but at a much lower scale? If so, I can totally understand your concerns!

      • xg549

        That's pretty much exactly what happens.

    • carpenoctem

      This is exactly what I was going to say. OK, so, not exactly... you put it far more eloquently than I would've.

    • namo

      Luckily the earbuds were a 25$ pair of TDK EB760, so nothing of high fidelity was destroyed. Nice project anyway.

  • MadMonk

    I would wear em at the airport for the lulz

    • oystein

      I once had a keyring with a fake bullet on it. It was in my backpack by accident (it wasn't my house key) and the keyring got confiscated. Thankfully I got to keep the key.

    • zyrthofar

      Honest question: do you think they would get confiscated? Or maybe they would ask you to open them or something, to prove there's nothing else hidden inside...

      On another note, can black powder (or whatever they use in bullets) be detected by their scanners?

      • SaberSabre (edited 7 years ago)

        Yes black powder, the more modern gun powder, and other explosives can be detected by their scanners. There is a small section on their website here.

  • Dylan

    Brings new meaning to the phrase "put a bullet in your head."

  • Odin

    They look really cool.

    Can anyone tell me what the song is called?

    • xg549 (edited 7 years ago)


      In the future, it's worth clicking into youtube and checking the description for a song source (which is where I found that soundcloud link). Not that people wouldn't be willing to help, but obviously you'll have faster results that way. These days it's becoming less and less common for any worthwhile content creator to not cite their music sources.

      • Odin

        Fair enough. Thanks for the music source and the tip! I'll check the description next time!

  • Cyrax

    Those remind me of Lock 'N Load with R. Lee Ermey who would always use casings for his ear plugs.

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