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Published 5 years ago by Cheski with 7 Comments

Get moving!

This image is framed above my desk. It reminds me of the following: A: Things could always be worse B: No matter how scary something is, sometimes forward is your only option C: The hearts of men, when motivated are capable of heroic proportions

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  • Csellite

    This stirs up a lot of emotions in me. It's a really powerful picture. I absolutely love photos that really make you feel something.

  • ChelsG

    What a moving image. Outwardly fearless men who are ready and willing to accept whatever their fate may be. Sad because I do not support the idea of war yet inspiring because these men have put their lives on the line to protect their country and the ones they love.

  • cailihphiliac

    You don't find this depressing? A bunch of young men wading through to water to certain death?

    • newuser

      It's all a matter of point of view.

      Here's what's surprising: when I was younger, I considered this heroic. Now that I'm older, I see this as a sad loss of life caused by the hubris of the few and the ignorance of the many.

      • cailihphiliac

        On facebook last April, there was concern that our ANZAC day has gone from "Remember the tragedies of war" to "Celebrate the soldiers" and that that's not what it's meant to be about.

        • newuser

          I do see the merit of celebrating those who have given their lives for what we now have - a relative peace. But there should be a way to do that while not glorifying war.

    • Cheski

      The image is motivating not in the fact that I like what they men are doing(although they keep going despite it sucking)... but it is a reminder that your situation could always be worse. No matter how down I feel... no matter the obstacle... it pales in comparison to facing machine gun fire and land mines.

      KEEP MOVING... it could always be worse.

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